"It’s not all Greek to us nor to you!" We strive to communicate in understandable terms and not in medical "Greek", nor in other obscure tongues. We are well aware of the fact that it sometimes can be difficult to comprehend medical circumstances in a simple and clear manner in a foreign country. Therefore, we encourage "pestering" until you feel that you completely understand everything.

It pays to do your "homework"

Not only for your sake but also for ours, it is of great assistance if you come prepared for your appointment. Thus, we can optimally go through your important questions and find solutions:

  • At home, take a few moments to jot down all the points you would like to discuss
  • Be sure to write down any questions that you would like to have answered
  • Please bring along with you your current medication plan to each doctor’s visit
  • For first time patients, we kindly request you to bring along all copies of diagnostic or clinical findings that are known to you and in your possession
  • Prior to the first consultation, it is rather helpful for new patients to make out a list of past operations or illnesses

Navigating the waters
The transparency of the German health care system has become increasingly murky and the services available are hard to find if you don’t know the way. Like a beacon of light, our aim is to help you navigate through the rough and dark waters of German health care bureaucracy.  Together, we’ll plot out the right course and coordinate the individual steps of your treatment. You can count on our expertise and dedicated experience to bring you to safe harbor.

Together – we are one Team
We like to see ourselves as your partner and as a guide in the fast moving world of medicine. Upon request, we will gladly take you by the hand, lead you through the complicated realm of the German health system and reveal to you all of its quirks. You can expect consultation and therapy tailored to suit your individual needs: Welcome to our "practice family".

In order to ameliorate the quality of our treatment and care, we have implemented the "", quality management system, in our practice. This system helps us to analyze our operational sequences on a regular basis from a critical point of view.  With the help of this program, we are, therefore, enabled to react fast to change and systematically improve our quality.