Vitality and creativity

... live to reach an advanced age - who would not want that? Due to our occupational and private surroundings, we all are constantly exposed to a large amount of pressure and stress. Nevertheless, everyone knows that optimal efficiency is only possible in the state of good physical health. Tight schedules, frequent appointments, hecticness and stress are the drums that  beat out the pace to everyday life – our own health is usually the least of our concerns. Yet, according to an old proverb, prevention is far better than a cure. Furthermore, a speedy recovery is better than a long one or even none at all. Unfortunately, comprehensive prevention is not usually funded by state-governed, German health-care insurance companies. Everyone is responsible for their own health, especially if we want to grow old gracefully and healthily. Therefore, it is vital to invest in our own health.  As evidence suggests we, at Merea, are the best partners for this.

Here are just a few of the services we offer: