Claiming a severely handicapped pass

As of the 1st of January 2008, the pension office is no longer responsible for the distribution of severely handicapped passes.  These are now issued by each local municipality.

All applicable citizens of Cologne can apply for a severely handicapped pass at the City of Cologne’s office authority:


City of Cologne - the mayor

Mülheim (Cologne) Local Public Office  / (Bürgeramt Mülheim)

Department of declaratory procedure corresponding to the rights of the severely handicapped / (Abteilung Feststellungsverfahren nach dem Schwerbehindertenrecht)

Boltensternstr. 10, 50735 Cologne

Telephone: 0221 / 93334-200 or 93334-300


For all non-citizens of Cologne who do, however, live in North-Rhine-Westphalia , we have posted a list of the corresponding local public offices in North-Rhine-Westphalia.  (The information is in German.)

N.B. We have chosen not to translate the remainder of information on the corresponding web-page in the German language since the information pertains to specific rights subject to German law.  However, should you have any questions regarding the information posted in the German translation, please send us a message at .