Emergency opening hours for pharmacies

If you are new in Germany, it may have come to your attention that pharmacies (called “Apotheke” in German) are not open as long as in other Western countries and that over-the-counter medicine is only available from a pharmacy.  Should you need medication outside regular opening times, there is always the possibility to go to the nearest pharmacy holding “emergency opening hours”.  However, this comprehensive system functions on a rotating basis and, therefore, it is essential to know when and which pharmacy has “emergency hours” (“Notdienst” in German).      

The following link enables you to find a pharmacy holding emergency service hours in your vicinity within the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Once the required data such as postal code or neighborhood, search radius and the date has been filled in, the program generates a list of pharmacies holding emergency opening hours, including their addresses and telephone numbers.   A word of advice is not to set the search radius too small (at least 2 km); otherwise, in certain cases, no results will be posted.

Link: http://www.aknr.de